Looking for information, advice OR guidance?

Welcome to Advice Services from Gatewen Training Services

We offer a fully integrated training provision throughout the UK.  Our accredited training courses are tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients.

If you are unclear as to what your training options are why not take advantage of our Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) service.

information guidance and advice

In the realm of career choices, seeking advice and guidance is invaluable.  This is especially when considering professions like HGV/LGV driving and material handling. These fields demand specialized skills and stringent safety protocols, making informed decisions crucial. Gatewen Training Services provide not just technical expertise, but also comprehensive guidance essential for success.

Embarking on a career as an HGV/LGV driver or material handler involves understanding complex machinery, navigating diverse environments, and prioritizing safety.

Expert advice from seasoned professionals can illuminate the path, offering insights into industry trends, regulatory changes, and best practices. Tailored guidance also ensures individuals are equipped with the right skills and certifications, enhancing employability and career prospects.

Gatewens wide range of courses addresses critical aspects of workplace security and compliance. Understanding these fundamentals instills confidence in employees, empowering them to handle challenging situations effectively.  It also fosters a safer work environment.

Ultimately, the value of seeking advice and guidance from reputable training providers transcends mere skill acquisition. It’s about investing in one’s future, gaining the knowledge and support needed to navigate a dynamic and demanding industry with confidence and competence.


IAG is the process of providing you, our learners, with INFORMATION (facts and knowledge relating to learning and careers), ADVICE (recommendations based on our experience) and GUIDANCE (detailed 1-1 support from qualified IAG advisor) . This process allows you to make informed career decisions, and in doing so you can:

Review your existing skills

Plan your career

Identify your skills gaps

Set new goals

Increase your levels of motivation

Raise your aspirations

Build your confidence and self-belief